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Norman was born in a small town in Germany in 1982. Giving his adventurous nature he was mostly into extreme sports i.e. wake and snow boarding. He was always eager to learn new things and skills, which got him into the fairly new eCommerce business back at the time. His experience in the eCommerce business and especially dealing with the utmost importance of content, a certain interest in photography made his appearance for the first time.
Despite following a successful career path for a period of time his interest in photography was always substantial. In 2016 he decided to give it a shot and began to set up his own studio. Normans understanding of photography can best be described with a statement of him: “pictures need to make an everlasting impression…I want to make an long-lasting impact with them!” He started working his way up, meeting and working together with several of his role models and idols in the business soaking up their wisdom and benefit from their huge amount of experience. Today he works with exclusive models from all over Europe hand-picked by his thorough eyes and passionate vision to create something beautiful. His hard work paid of huge this year as he got published and awarded multiple times for his artwork.

On the way to develop his own, characteristic and style he does not limit himself in any way. He opens himself up to new possibilities and challenges him and his models constantly, which results in his early success. His pictures have a playfull smartness yet endued with a slight erotic touch and hint of a hidden underlying expression. To reach his goal and to take the next step he will again challenge himself. His projects are going to be more complex and elaborative to make his vision come true.

His basic philosophy in life is “life is about passion(s)” and so he never stops learning new skills and appreciates different views and opinions.
Norman mostly shoots women thus he got interested in sensual but slightly erotic art but also covers nude photography and boudoir. To obey his roots, he shoots intensive portraits and photo series to inspire others. Norman always liked to see others flourish and so he started to support workshops and is showing new Rookie photographers the ropes. Very recently he got praised from one of his great role models:

Because of Normans inner passion, creativity runs through his veins

With the business growing and the interest in him and his pictures reaching new levels he expanded his reach by traveling to beautiful countries. Not for pleasure of course, always with his camera and new ideas in mind.
This Website is used as a window for his private nonprofit project "DesignPictures" and reflects the variety of the work Norman is capable of putting on screen.

Dies schreibt das bekannte internationale SWAN Magazin über Ihn:

Sein Beruf ist seine Leidenschaft. Aber eben nicht seine einzige Leidenschaft. Norman lebt und
liebt das eBusiness. Er betreibt alle Brettsportarten außer Schach und hat eine Vorliebe für italienische
Motorräder. Er denkt in Projekten. Und so fotografiert er auch. Inspiriert durch Kalender ist
seine magische Zahl die Zwölf. Zwölf Bilder sind ein Projekt für ihn. Und manchmal arbeitet er an
mehreren Projekten gleichzeitig. Manchmal? Nein, eigentlich immer. Denn er sprudelt nur so über
vor Ideen. Irgendwann einmal möchte er sie nacheinander umsetzen.

Retouching Examples

Example from still an good out of the cam picture to an awesome one...